Newbury Racecourse Infastructure History

Since the inaugural race meeting at Newbury on 27th September 1905, the racecourse has undergone various transformations. During the first and second world wars the racecourse was used as a military camp. This had a serious impact on the course and racing could only return to Newbury following a process of reinstatement which took place in 1947. The next stage in the evolution of the racecourse infrastructure came with the building of the Hampshire Stand which was completed in September 1960.

Below (from left to right): The Racecourse stands in 1905, before reinstatement in 1947, the Hampshire Stand in 1960

Right: An aerial view of the Racecourse

The Lodge
The Lodge - Bedroom

From 1960 onwards the next major piece of infrastructure was the Geoffrey Freer Stand, named after Newbury’s long serving Clerk of The Course from 1946 – 1967 and opened on 2 June 1966. The stand would be in existence until 2014 when it was demolished in preparation for the current period of redevelopment ongoing at Newbury. Then came the building of the Berkshire Stand, opened by HM The Queen Mother in November 1992 and replacing the John Porter Stand which had been in its position, in various guises, since the racecourse opened in 1905.

Below (from left to right): The Geoffrey Freer Stand, the Racecourse in the 1970s, Geoffrey Freer Stand demolition

Left: The Queen Mother opening the Berkshire Stand in November 1992

Aerial View 1972

The final piece of the site as it is today to be completed was the Dubai Duty Free Grandstand, designed by the renowned architect Sir Norman Foster and opened in the year 2000. In the years from 2000-2012 the site did not undergo any major infrastructural works, but four years ago the signing of the property deal with David Wilson Homes in 2012 meant that was all to change.Since then, as well as around 400 new homes being created on site with a plan for 1100 more before 2020, a new 36-bedroom hotel The Lodge and The Rocking Horse day nursery have both been created and the horse walk and racecourse stables have both been refurbished.The next major stage in Newbury’s journey comes in the development of the ‘heartspace’ area around the parade ring, ensuring the racecourse has top-of-the-range facilities for our customers to match the thrilling action on track.

Right: The Dubai Duty Free Grandstand as it is today

Below (from left to right): Aerial view in 2014, refurbished stable blocks, artist’s’ impression of the redevelopment

The Lodge

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